Jennifer Lawrence is loving life

Jennifer sharader Lawrence commonly known as Jennifer Lawrence a 26 years old actress emerging as the most earning actress around the world is our todays focus, what up and down has Jennifer Lawrence been to? well let’s see what’s been cooking in her life. Did you know that Jennifer Lawrence being youngesactress she has managed to accrue 4 academy awards nominations?

Well now you know this are the things that have contributed to her success in life. Without so many dramas in life, Jennifer Lawrence decided to start a foundation that encourage the young generation towards their career path this tell how the young actress is concern about the people around her.

Talking of life friendship Jennifer Lawrence admits that she finds Chris Pratt a real life friendship this was after Jennifer Lawrence found that everything went as planned the bonding, humor and even how Chris Pratt talks made them to like one another, is this how love story start?

Well what might this means a real life friendship? This popped in after acting a movie with Chris, the passenger which is a sci-fi. The movie made Chris part and Jennifer Lawrence to bond a lot. Something rings into our minds after Jennifer Lawrence said she is willing to drop her career if she finds true love.

Let’s see, finding a real life friend and now she is talking of leaving her career if she finds a real love? Well there are a lot of things that Jennifer Lawrence leaves blank in our minds to fill but with time we will find out what it is.Jennifer Lawrence we wish you to find that your heart wants for that’s the joy of life.