The law is termed as a system of rules that are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior. It is normally assumed as a rule or mode of conduct that is prescribed and enforced by the supreme controlling authority. The jurisprudence that is a philosophy of law elaborates and asks a question such as ‘what is law’ and ‘what law should be.’

Maintaining law and order in a society enable people to follow the societal code of conduct. Law and order can be obtained if the vast majority of population respects the rule of law and where the law enforcement agencies observe laws that limit their powers. Establishing and maintaining law and order implies firm dealing with occurrences of theft, violence and disturbance of peace and rapid enforcement of penalties imposed under criminal law. The importance and implementation of the law is an integral part of society. The word ‘law’ might strike fear in the minds of people. The truth law is not enforced to scare individuals of society rather it is implicated as a basis for society.

Importance of law:

Without the law in society, we would have no structure. It ensures protocol at various places to ensure protection, equality and justice. We use law whenever we make a purchase or to conduct a business. The law is implemented to achieve peace in a society where individual freedom is valued. Without the law, or law enforcing agencies we would experience chaos and havoc, and it would be the survival of the fittest. We need the law as it warrants order and stability in our society. It aids people in making decisions that are consistently basis on social morality and code of conduct. This act is to abide by the law.

The reasons that most people obey the law is to fear punishment or to avoid punishment. According to social values and norms, we are placed in situations or positions that can humiliate us if we commit a crime. The law is mandatory for a society as it serves as a norm of conduct for citizens. It is also made to provide proper guidelines and order and to sustain the equity on all the departments of government. The law is necessary to attain as it keeps society running. Without it, there would be conflicts in social classes and groups.

The law is normally based on common sense assumptions. For example; drive slowly, don’t drive drunk, respect others and their belongings, etc. other laws are used to continue the business such as trade, sales, and immigrations. The law is established to provide protection to the victims and to punish those who have done unlawful acts. Moreover, to fulfill social needs, there is a provision in a constitution which must have to abide. As the law is a form of social science, likewise; society and law are interrelated. The law provides rules and regulations to live a social life, and it also increases with the economic, scientific and technological processes. Along with the change in the society, the law also changes and plays an integral part in the fulfillment of social needs.